Shabbona's Lakeside Bait, Tackle and Boat Rental
Online Boat Reservation

Reservations are NOT confirmed until you receive a confirmation e-mail.
Please fill out this form at least 48 hours prior to arrival.
Otherwise call 815-824-2581 if you wish to reserve a boat within 48 hours of your arrival.

Maximum Limits:

Motor Boat - 676 Pounds
Bass Boat - 675 Pounds
6 Passenger Pontoon - 900 Pounds
8 Passenger Pontoon - 1,200 Pounds
9 Passenger Pontoon - 1,350 Pounds
Becky's Pontoon (11 passenger) - 1,465 Pounds

NEW FOR 2009 - $5.00 off on all day boat reservation at Lakeside, if made at least 24+ hours in advance

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Reservation Policy:
Pontoon or boat reservation will be held 1 (one) hour past arrival time stated above, unless Lakeside is notified of late arrival, at 815-824-2581. Full day rental fee will still apply, despite the late arrival.

If there is no notification of late arrival, after one hour, Lakeside will charge a cancellation fee of $40.00 for each Pontoon Boat or $30.00 for each motor boat to lessee's credit card.

Lakeside will then cancel the reservation and rent the pontoon or boat to the next available customer.

Cancellation Policy:
48 hours notice. Violation of this cancellation policy may result in a cancellation fee.

See Lakeside Boat Rental Page for Specials on
Boat Rental (Multiple Day, Midweek, Grandparent/Grandchild & Campground Specials)

* I have read the reservation and cancellation policy